Sunday, 31 October 2010

Halloween 2010

HUGE thanks to Hachi or saving the otherwise failure of a Halloween party.


My outfit for Halloween.

Now this is a terrible photo, but it's also the only one with relatively good light, and you can actually see the outfit here.

So dark... But I kind of like this photo...

With kitty!Sayuri.

And some makeup. It was pretty simple.
I need fake lashes...

Outfit rundown:
JSK: handmade
bolero & hat: Bodyline
socks: Btssb
shoes: TUK
gloves: Galeria Centrum
accessories: Bijou Brigitte, I am

PS Anyone has any tips for taking pictures of black outfits? What should I do to make all of the details show? In most of my pictures my outfit looks like a black blob...


DuskRose_Dreaming said...

I love your outfit! So gorgeous. And that photo with the candles is awesome.

crimson said...

@ DuskRose_Dreaming
Thank you! That's my favourite photo, too :)

akumaxkami said...

I have the same trouble with taking photos of black outfits. I find that you can get the best detail shots with natural light, but once the sun goes down that's a bit of a problem eh? ^_^

Glad you had a great Halloween though.

crimson said...

@ akumaxkami
Unfortunately all of these pictures were taken after the sun went down, hence the low quality ^^"

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