Saturday, 23 October 2010

Lolita - 5 things I love about it

1. Dark romanticism

Maybe punk lolita was the first style I liked, but the dark romantic styles were what made me stay. I describe it as "dark romantic" instead of "gothic" or "classic" because what I mean is really something in between. Not every classic outfit and not every gothic outfit would fit into my idea of dark romanticism.

(images from avant gauche)

(Rizzell's blog)

2. Bonnets

I love bonnets. Not half bonnets though, and not sweet ones. I mean beauties likes this one:

 (Mary Magdalene)

They look sophisticated and in a way... otherworldly. As if the wearer was from another epoch.

3. Lacy tights

I have nothing against socks. I wear socks too. But I would choose these
or these
over these.
(random images courtesy of google)

4. Nail art

Nail art is perhaps not normally associated with lolita but I love it when girls go all the way in coordinating their outfits, up to their nails.
And I love doing nail art too, no matter if it's for a lolita outfit or for a casual one.

5. Elegance

It sounds rather vague, doesn't it? What I really love about lolita fashion is that even at your most casual, you still look and feel special.


DuskRose_Dreaming said...

"Dark romanticism" fits my (ideal) style too, though I identify as gothic. I enjoyed reading your five things--I can see why you love them (especially that last one)!

crimson said...

@ DuskRose_Dreaming
Thank you for reading! I identify myself mostly as classic but I prefer the darker side of it :)

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