Tuesday, 26 October 2010


I don't have a tumblr myself (I have a soup instead) but there are a few tumblrs that I like to go back to for inspiration. I wanted to share my favourite ones here.

I tried to divide them into categories but as you will see sometimes they're a little arbitrary. 

Dark fashion
Frequently updated blog for adult goths, full of high fashion photos and mostly with a grown up feel.

Less frequent updates but still worth looking at.

Not really a fashion blog at all. But some of the girls have beautiful make-up, tattoos and interesting hairstyles, so I thought I might include it anyway.

Again something for grown up goths. Lovely stuff.

Not all of the images are fashion related but most are. 

Most of the time it's a little too old-school goth for me but there are some interesting images too.

Romantic fashion

Not just fashion, and not just romantic. But in comparison to the "dark fashion" blogs, this one seemed to fit this category better.

High fashion

Beautiful fashion photography, not really fitting into any of the above categories. 

Perhaps this one should be in the "dark fashion" category?

Designer specific

Hasn't been updated since April but you still might want to look though what had been posted. 

Dedicated to Alexander McQueen.

Fuck Yeah!

Japanese or Japan-inspired fashion
Street snaps of stylish people. Very inspirational. 

A mixture of different styles. Gyaru, lolita, cosplay, visual kei, mori and decora tumbled into one.

Not exactly a fashion blog, but many of the images are fashion related.

If you know any other interesting fashion tumblrs, please share!


DuskRose_Dreaming said...

The main one that I love for gothic lolita is A Gothic Lolita's Memoir: http://ohmyyesgothiclolita.tumblr.com
It has such beautiful yet dark images. ^^

crimson said...

@ DuskRose_Dreaming

Wow, so much beautiful stuff! Thank you :)

HSP said...

Hi! I've just started following you. Been looking for fellow lolita bloggers :D

Thanks for sharing the tumblr links. I'm kind of new to it! I've just followed a bunch from your list :)

crimson said...

Thank you for following me!

I'm glad the links are useful :)

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