Monday, 25 October 2010

new project

I am currently working on a new dress, and even though I'm only starting I can already tell that it's going to be my most time-consuming project so far.

Here is the basic design.
The design you see at the bottom? Not a border print, no. Embroidery.

It's going to take me forever to finish this piece. To be honest I don't even remember the last time I embroidered anything. And I don't think I've ever tried doing anything like this.
The dress is going to be red, and the embroidery and the tiered underskirt are both going to be black. Not a very unique colourway, but a nice one.

I've already finished embroidering the first, central, panel. It took me 5 days. Now I only have 6 more to go! I hope that with time I'll get faster, since I won't be that inexperienced by the 7th panel.

Wish me luck!


DuskRose_Dreaming said...

Oh my! gorgeous!
Actually I've been wanting to teach myself how to embroider, so I can embellish my own projects with windows and roses and the like. It's quite thrilling to find another sewing loli with a taste for embroidery! Although, right now I can only aspire towards this king of thing. ^^' lol

Alexandriaweb said...

That looks like it will be beautiful :)
Good luck :D

crimson said...

@ DiskRose_Dreaming
Thank you! I'm not good at embroidery at all, so I don't know if the result will be any good... But I hope for the best :D

@ Thanks! I will definitely need luck to finish it :D

akumaxkami said...

That sounds like an amazing project you've taken on. I've been interested in embroidery for a while but never tried my hand at it.

I'm looking forward to seeing the finished project~!

crimson said...

@ akumaxkami

Thank you. I hope it won't desappoint!

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