Friday, 8 October 2010

Lolita wishlist

My lolita wishlist. It's not really a complete list. This is just a mostly unrealistic list of the things I want the most. I focused only on skirts and dresses, otherwise the list would go on forever!

I crossed out the things I'd already bought.


1. Beardsley Rose
My absolute dream dress. Everything about it is perfect. The babydoll cut. The Alice in Wonderland print on the border. The roses climbing up the dress. The colours.

2. Vampire Requiem (should be half-crossed out, because I now have the skirt)
A jumper skirt AND a skirt. Because I never said it's a realistic list.

3. Masquerade Theater

I love dresses inspired by the 18th century robe a la francaise, with its skirts open in the front and heavily decorated tops.

4. Queen Marie
Both colours because I'm greedy.

5. Name of the Rose
6. Operetta Bouquet
I'm really into florals right now. I don't have anything in this colour so this dress would add some new quality to my closet.

7. Queen's Coach
If this list was in order from the ones I want the most to the ones I want less, then this dress would be number 2, right after Beardsley Rose. The wide sleeves, the collar (!!), the lovely design of the bottom of the dress... It's really unique, yet still classy.

8. Stained Glass
And old old print. There were a few different dresses made with it, I think, but I like these two designs best.

9. This Is My Blood
Another old old print. Another 18th century inspired item.

10. Asymmetric Corset Skirt (I don't think it has any other name, has it?)

11. Lady Lilith


12. Iron Gate
The most coveted gothic lolita dress ever made. As I said, it's not a realistic wishlist.

13. Rose Bouquet
A very... un-Moitie dress. It looks rather like something Innocent World could come up with. Yet its design is beautiful in its own right.

14. Silky Rose
A perfect mix of gothic and classic.


15. Rote Rose
This is one of the first dresses that made me love lolita. So I want it not only because it's beautiful but also for sentimental reasons.


16. Victorian Onepiece

Or just anything else by Antique BeasT, really. I'm not picky.


17. Empreinte de la genese
It's purple. And in the lolita world that in itself makes it unique. The print and the design of the bodice and both lovely.

18. Amour d'amants

 19. feerie


20. ??? (does it have a name?)

Or any other corset skirt by Atelier Pierrot. They're all gorgeous.


21. ??? 
I wish I had the JSK. I just couldn't find a good picture of the JSK alone.
It's totally not my style, but wow! Isn't it cute?


Agata said...

Nieeee tylko nie STemple >_> one są paskudne (oczywiście, moja opinia, but still!). I sirjosli chcesz chodzić w truskawce?
Nie podoba mi się krój sukienki nr1, to zdjęcie sugeruje, że ma strasznie wysoko umieszczoną talię, prawie pod samym biustem... będziesz wyglądać jak bombka...

Anonymous said...

2, 7 and 14 are the most amazing to me *_* They're all pretty though...and expensive as hell I imagine xD

Finding my style said...

Just wanted to say, I put you on my blog list :)

crimson said...

@ Agata
Bo to babydoll i właśnie dlatego mi się tak podoba. Dobrze mi w babydoll ^^

@ alinkie
Yeah, unfortuantely none of them are cheap XD

@ Finding my style
Thank you :)

Jillian Rueter said...

I like 7,8, 11, 12, and 14 very much :) Nice taste.

crimson said...

@ Jillian
Thank you!

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