Monday, 4 October 2010

hello and welcome

Welcome to my fashion-centred blog. This will be mostly my personal fashion blog. I'll post photos of my daily outfits, write about shopping and sometimes I might rant about designers that I either love or hate. I probably won't write that much, though. You can expect to see more pictures than text here.

A few words about me. I'm a girl in my 20s currently living in Poland. I'm partial to the darker and feminine side of fashion and am a big fan of Japanese street styles. Occasionally I dress lolita, usually either gothic or classic. I don't limit myself to one style though, so you might see many types of outfits here.

For now, just one photo:

I hope you'll enjoy this blog!


Agata said...

I like this blog ;3 hope you'll be here more than on the japanese blog ;P

Anonymous said...

I always wanted to see your wardrobe :D
will you notify on fcbk updates from this blog?

crimson said...

@ Agata
I'll try my best!

@ faust-sayuri
I can if you want me to. Probably not every time I update but maybe when I post something I think is interesting.

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