Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Kaya live again

I went to see Kaya live today. It was a great chance to wear my new Moitie item.

blouse: Moi meme Moitie
skirt: Atelier Pierrot
headband: handmade
jewellery: Bijou Brigitte
everything else: random places

Here's a close up of the blouse.

After the gig we went for purikura!

I wasn't happy with this set (no full body shots!), so we made another one.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Casual outing

I met up with a friend today. First we went CD shopping in Shinjuku (I bought Kaya's Bonjour!Chanson at Pure Sound. Finally! I couldn't find that CD anywhere!) and then we went to a lovely French restaurant in Cat Street, Harajuku for delicious crepes.

A quick snapshot before leaving home.

Outfit details.

Make-up and hair accessories.

Other accessories.

You know how every lolita who comes to Japan as a tourist takes a picture on Meiji bridge? Well, I never had one, so I used the fact that I had a friend with me and asked her to take my picture there. I know that's it's such a touristy thing to do, but I really wanted it XD

In front of the restaurant.
Outfit rundown:
OP: Juliette et Justine
shawl, shoes & bag: Innocent World
coat: Black Peace Now
hair accessories: Claire's & Paris Kids
everything else: random shops

And that's our dinner! Ham and cheese crepes. I had a glass of white wine with that.

And desserts! Sorbet, theoretically with raisins, though I didn't find any XD

Sunday, 20 November 2011

recent lolita shopping

As I said in my previous post, I went shopping to Marui One but I didn't buy anything there. I tried on a few items but I didn't like the way they looked on me.
However, Closet Child had lots of new Moitie items and I found a blouse I really liked. It's a little too big in the bust but the girls said that they didn't really notice, so I bought it anyway.

Back in Marui One I tried on a gorgeous BPN coat but I didn't have enough money with me. I went back today I finally bought it. It was the last one! Lucky!

Here's an official photo from their website:

It looks much better in person. I feel like a Russian aristocrats when I wear it :D

Shopping in Marui One

I took these photos after I came back, so excuse my tired look.

It was just a casual outing hence the boring simplicity of my coordinate. 

I didn't buy anything in Marui One but I did buy a Moitie blouse in Closet Child later.
It was a really fun day, and I'm very happy I got to spend it with Nargis, Tomo, Angelica, Angela and Lisa.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Vampire Cafe

A friend I met at a Versailles-related event asked me to go shopping with her. The shopping trip was quite unsuccessful because we ended up not buying anything but at least we ended it in style! I booked a table at the Vampire Cafe in Ginza and we went there for dinner.

I have to say that Vampire Cafe is the most tacky cafe I've been to so far but it's also awesome in its own weird way. It was quite an experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Before we actually made it to our first stop on the shopping trip, we took some purikura. My friend is wearing my Angelic Pretty dress and my Bodyline bolero. 

The food was supposed to look spooky, I guess, but it ended up being cute and funny.

My friend's "Batman pasta". No, that's not the official name of this dish, but the bat-shaped decoration made us think of Batman.

My Devil's chicken steak.

A salmon and eggplant pizza we shared.

And our drinks. I don't remember the name of my friend's drink, but mine (on the right) was called Promise Moon.

When we were about to leave we asked a waitress if she could take a picture of us.

And then we took some more pictures outside the cafe.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Moi dix Mois live

I learnt about this gig the day before. I realized I can actually go there on the day of the gig. Because I somehow hadn't realized before that a Moi dix Mois gig on Thursday + a holiday on Thursday = me being able to go there.

Because of that i had no time to plan my outfit. I just put on the first things that came to my mind that sort of go well together.

Anyway, here's a picture of my outfit and some pictures of wonderfully dressed concert-goers.

OP: Moi meme Moitie
bolero: Btssb
hair accessories: Claire's
jewellery: Bijou Brigitte
shoes: Bodyline
bag: Innocent World