Monday, 1 November 2010

Outfit post

I woke up in a rather cranky mood today. And what's the best way to make yourself feel better? Dress up!

And because I'm a really indecisive person I'll show you 5 pictures of the exact same outfit.

At Kafe Delfin. I've just discovered this little cafe and I love it there. I'm definitely going to be a frequent customer.

And my makeup today.

JSK: Angelic Pretty
turtleneck: MOHITO
shoes: TUK
accessories: Bijou Brigitte, MAM


Finding my style said...

The color combination looks just lovely in this outfit :3

Also, please do tell where's that cafe ! I love discovering new places and maybe I could go there when Im in 3city in November x3

crimson said...

@ Finding my style
Thank you!

It's in GdaƄsk Oliwa, just opposite the park.
There used to be a cinema there, called Delfin, and some time ago they turned it into a cinema-themed cafe.

akumaxkami said...


crimson said...

@ akumaxkami
Thank you!

HSP said...

I like your outfit! Black x red is one of my favourite colour combinations XD

The bodice on that dress is lovely and looks very flattering on you!

DuskRose_Dreaming said...

Beautiful outfit. I love black and red.
lol Don't worry, I'm indecisive too!

crimson said...

@ HSP & DuskRose_Dreaming

Thank you!

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