Thursday, 21 October 2010

Lolita in Secret challenged me; Lolita Pet Peeves!

It's not a strictly lolita blog, I wanted it to be a general personal fashion blog, but what the hell.

Here it is. My top 5 lolita pet peeves. They're not in any particular order other than the order of them coming to my mind.

1. Blouseless coordinates

Some dresses look great without a blouse, especially those with wider straps, like Princess Drop.
Other dresses don't look so good. Especially if they have very thin straps or are strapless. It's OK if you wear your dress as a sundress. After all, the fact that it was made by a lolita brand doesn't mean that you can only wear it with strictly lolita coordinates. Some dresses, especially those by Emily Temple Cute, can look really cute with sandals, straw hat, no blouse, no socks and no petticoat. But if you decide to wear a lolita coordinate and you even wear socks or tights then there's just no balance in your outfit. You're fully covered from toes to... arms. It doesn't make much sense.

2. Heavy boots with sweet dresses

I like contrasts. I really do. I wear fur boots with lacy skirts. But there are some limits.
I'm afraid that these boots
won't look good with this skirt
3. Unkempt hair

I know that hair can be very difficult to style. Ah, I really know it well! My hair won't stay curly for more than an hour no matter what methods or hair products I use. I tried a curling iron, straightener, hot rollers and foam rollers. I bought the strongest styling products I could find. I just can't do it. But it's no excuse for leaving your hair dirty and completely unkempt. You don't need to have a hairstyle like a model but neat hair would be nice.

4. Sweet -> Classic

I understand that OTT sweet is now all the rage but does it mean we have to call the regular sweet lolitas classic now? An "old school" sweet lolita is still a sweet lolita. There's no need to call her classic just because she doesn't have a candy floss wig and a thousand hair clips in it.

5. Punk lolita done wrong

Punk lolita is the first lolita style I really fell in love with. I don't have much experience wearing it (I only have one outfit which I've never really worn out) but I do admire girls who dress this way and do it right. It's a difficult style actually. It's not easy to create an outfit that has spunk yet still looks lolita. It takes experience or just inborn skills. And wearing a studded belt with a sweet skirt definitely does not make an outfit punk. 

I enjoyed writing this post. I think I might do a reverse thing tomorrow. "Top 5 things I love the most in lolita."


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