Saturday, 31 December 2011

Lolita meetup

Yesterday we had a little meetup in Szymbark in northern Poland. We were supposed to have a sleigh ride, a so-called kulig. Kulig is a traditional form of entertainment in which aristocrats would ride horse-pulled sleighs from manor to manor, and the host of every manor house would prepare some entertainment for the participants. Of course nowadays it's only a ride, as no one lives in manor houses anymore.

Our ambitious plans were destroyed by the weather. Not only it didn't snow - the ground was too damp to have a campfire. In the end we only had a short carriage ride through the forest and dinner in a local restaurant.

There were supposed to be eight of us but three girls didn't show up. One sprained her ankle but the other two girls didn't even let us know that they would not be coming. Not the the most polite thing to do if the price depends on the number of participants. 

Here are some individual outfit shots.




and me

Some semi-group shots.

We had a gift exchange and Ithil prepared these lovely boats for the number lottery.

And the last but not least picture from the meetup...
Sorry, I had to XD

After the meetup when I saw all the pictures I realised that I didn't have any clear outfit shots, so I asked Toshiko, who stayed overnight at my place, to take some pictures of me.

Outfit rundown:
OP, socks, headband: Motie
turtleneck: MOHITO
boots: Deichmann

I won't lie and say that I planned this outfit. To be honest, this is a "It's cold so I better wear something warm" kind of outfit.


FrillyHeart said...

To moje straszne zdjęcie ;_;
A tak serio - żartuję. Nawet fajnie.

akumaxkami said...

I'm glad you had a good meetup and you all looked lovely!~

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