Thursday, 8 December 2011

New items; Christmas and other randomness

Let me start chronologically.

1. Here are some small items I bought... well, a while ago.

A Shappo phone strap, Majolica Majorca eye pencil, Claire's hair pins and a barrette from Paris Kid's. The hair accessories were bought especially for the JeJ outfit I posted some days ago.

2. An h.NAOTO Frill cutsaw for a Christmas tea party at their shop.

3. A care package from my mum: a bag full of sweets and Inglot makeup. Right in time for St Nicholas' Day! I got it on December 6, in the morning. Perfect timing!

Triple brown eyeshadow set, purple nail polish, reddish nail polish, caramel coloured duo lip gloss and a black eye pencil. One can never have too many eye pencils. I use them up so quickly... 

4. Moitie items from Closet Child. A blouse for 5900 yen and a headdress for 1800 yen. Unfortunately the lace on the blouse turned out to be a completely different colour than the print on Silent Moon so I can't wear them together... Which also means that I have nothing to wear this blouse with.

5. Lastly, a Christmas gift I got today from my 9 year old student. It's a hair tie with a dusty pink flower.


akumaxkami said...

Lovely stuff!

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