Saturday, 10 December 2011

h.NAOTO Sweet Lolota Christmas Party

I went to this party feeling a little uncertain. I've never been to a brand organized party before. How will I talk to people when my Japanese is so poor? Will they look down on me for not wearing h.NAOTO from head to toes? Or just for being a foreigner? Will there be other foreigners there?

As it turned out, I had no reason to worry. It was a really fun event and I'm glad I went there and got to meet Hirooka Naoto himself.

At the party, right before leaving. My friend is wearing a full h.NAOTO outfit, but I'm only wearing one item by this brand.

We were supposed to bring small gifts and exchange them. This is what I got: a sheep-shaped hot water bottle XD It's so cute!

Some post-party purikura with kitzune from LiveJournal.

And finally some more-or-less clear outfit shots taken after I came back home.

Outfit rundown:
cutsaw: h.NAOTO Frill
skirt: Metamorphose
tights: Leg Avenue
shoes: Innocent World
hair accessory: handmade
necklace: I am


akumaxkami said...

You look gorgeous! You're so lucky got to meet Hirooka Naoto - I love his brand!

MaMMaMoon said...

I`m glad you had fun. ^^v I`ve never been to the Sweet Lolita Party events but a lot of other h.Naoto shows for sure, esp. Goth Night. ^^v MMxoxo

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