Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Lolita shopping and the new Moitie print

I went on a small shopping trip today to Marui One and Laforet. I had one main goal in mind and a few minor ones. Unfortunately, I spent too much money on the main one, so only one of my minor goals could be achieved.

This is what I wore:
blouse: Moitie
skirt: Metamorphose
everything else: random shops

Of course it's cold in December, so I wore my BPN coat. When I went into the BPN shop in Laforet the shop assistant had the most adorable reaction. She admired how I looked in the coat and thanked me profusely for shopping there XD

This time I didn't buy anything at BPN though. Instead I chose Moitie and Atelier Pierrot.
My main goal, the new Jewellery print onepiece in black:

I really liked the other colourways, too, especially green and red. However, I wasn't sure I liked the gold print. Of course it looks beautiful but it makes me think of Christmas so much that I don't think I would wear it in other seasons. If the print was silver (like on the black dress) or black I would have chosen the red dress.

I tried on the skirt too but the high waist seems to be cut a little strangely and it wasn't very flattering on me. The OP, however, fits like a dream.

And this is the minor goal of my shopping trip, an Atelier Pierrot blouse.
I had my eyes set on it for a while. I decided that if I have some money left by the end of the month I would buy it. I did have enough money, so now I'm its proud owner.


akumaxkami said...

You have such a lovely wardrobe. I'm jealous!

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