Saturday, 9 July 2011

X JAPAN in Berlin

I saw X JAPAN in Berlin and it was the best gig I've been to this year. I wore the outfit I posted earlier, only with different boots. It was raining so I decided that peep-toes are not the best option.

This picture was taken around noon? Early afternoon maybe. There weren't many people there.

My hair looks awful here, but we only took two pictures and the other one is even worse XD

A day after the gig I went to X-Trax, a goth shop in Berlin, with the intention of buying shoes. A pair of simple black lolita mary janes, possibly platforms, but nothing fancy. I left with a pair of these gorgeous pirate boots.

They're called Baroque Contessa and they're made by Funtasma.

When it comes to fancy boots with gold details, I was more interested in Funtasma's Pirate Queen. But when I put them on they looked like badly fitted wellingtons.

I want to wear them with my Versailles Rose JSK to a Versailles' gig. I wonder if I survive a gig in 11 cm high heels XD Well, I have survived gigs in shoes that high before, but those heels were thicker and slightly more stable than these. Maybe I'll keep a pair of flats in my bag just in case XD

Oh, and look what else I bought! Not in Berlin but here in Gdańsk.
You may not know that, but ^THIS is my childhood. Those who know it understand.


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Oh my gods I need those boots in my life!


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