Thursday, 28 July 2011

Christon Cafe

Saga and I went to Christon Cafe yesterday. Well, technically it was the day before yesterday, since it's already 2 am here XD

I was a little disappointed with the interior. It was far less gothic than I expected. And I didn't really feel the atmosphere of a European church that they tried to recreate. I don't think the designer really knew a lot about European sacral architecture. It's certainly an elegant and interesting place but I didn't really find what I was looking for there.

 The menu. This was just a box and the actual menu was inside.

Waiting for our order. Well, Saga already had hers, I was still waiting for mine.

My food, Vampire Roll garlic and chorizo "pizza". It was the most creative pizza I've ever seen.
It was served with a sword XD I ate bite-sizes tortilla-shaped pieces of pizza with a freaking sword XD

Our drinks: Saga's Deathscythe and my Gabriels Stilleto (which was mostly just black vodka, I think)
The food was really good so I might come back just for that, even if the interior didn't meet my expectations.

Before we left we took a couple of photos.

Outfit rundown:
JSK: Alice and the Pirates
blouse: Btssb
shoes: Innocent World
tights: Glitter


akumaxkami said...

Interesting that you didn't think it looked like a real cathedral. Taking in the pictures, it struck me how similar it looked to a Spanish cathedral that the members of Ghost Adventures investigated.


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