Friday, 22 July 2011

Laforet Grand Bazar

Yesterday I got an invitation for a job interview, but I didn't have any approproate shoes or a large bag to carry an A4 size folder, so I hurried to Harajuku. I thought I could drop by Innocent World too, if I'm there. Buying shoes in Japan turned out to be more difficult than it used to be. I bought a pair of shoes here three years ago and I found my size without any problems. This time no shop seemed to carry it.

I stepped into Innocent World on my way to Forever 21, thinking that an international chain shop is more likely to carry shoes size 25 than a tiny private shop. I didn't, however, expect to find the right shoes at Innocent World. But I did. They weren't cheap, but they're gorgeous and I can wear them with lolita dresses and suits.

They are far from comfortable, though. I wore them to the interview and to a concert later, mostly because I had no time to change them, and my feet hurt like hell. I still don't regret buying them.

Looking for a bag, I wandered into Laforet. I found out that there was a huge one day sale event happening, so I was pretty lucky. I found a bag by Jewelna Rose on sale, I think I got 40 or 50% off, I don't remember. I was a good deal anyway, and I was really the only appropriate bag I found.

Finally I ended up on the gothic & lolita floor, looking through stacks of clothes and accessories on sale. If you had looked hard enough, you could have found items for only 20% of the original price. I really wanted a skirt from Atelier Pierrot but it was sold out in black and that was the only colour I was interested in. In the end I bought a blouse from Baby. I need some more blouses, cause I only have a few.

I have never experienced such a sale before. In Poland sales are rather calm and there aren't that many people. Here it was loud and chaotic. There were so many people it was hard to move. Everyone was polite and no one fought for items, but I still left Laforet awfully tired and in need of some quite time.


Break said...

I've had a lot of fun reading through your blog lately! Only the BEST of luck for your interview yo!!

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