Wednesday, 20 July 2011

fun in Shinjuku

Saga and I went shopping in Marui One in Shinjuku. When you want a small, inexpensive item, and you have to pay twice as much for shipping, it's quite discouraging. That's why I decided to use this chance to buy some lolita socks and accessories.

I bought a pair of socks from Moitie, and because I still don't have my Silent Moon, this is my first Moitie item.

I also did some shopping at Putumayo. I bought another pair of socks and a necklace.

We went to other shops too, and we dropped by Closet Child, but I couldn't find what I was really looking for: a cheap basic black lolita skirt. The only ones I liked were from new collections and quite expensive.

Later we went to Harajuku for their famous crepes, but it was raining heavily so we hid in a cafe where I ate these delicious sandwiches.
Then we took some purikura. That was so much fun! I'm addicted to purikura XD

After some more window shopping a friend joined us. We took some more puri and finally ate those crepes XD

I also finally had a picture of my outfit taken, though it's rather terrible, cause I was really tired after a whole day of walking in the Japanese heat.
Outfit rundown
OP: Excentrique
necklace: Putumayo
hair accessory: Claire's


akumaxkami said...

Looks like you had a fun time! I'm glad you're enjoying your trip in Japan.

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