Friday, 26 November 2010

JeJ review

I received my Juliette et Justine dress yesterday.

I bought this dress, La broderie de la fleur, in black, size 1. I grabbed the last one in this colour and size, and as you can see on JeJ website, it's now completely sold out.

I got hit with customs. Now this entry would normally be filled with f-words to express my deep-rooted hatred for the customs bureau, but I'm too tired for that. I just want to say that I hate them. They don't do anything for me. I pay the shops because I get my dresses from them. I pay the post because they ship the items to me. The customs bureau doesn't participate in these transactions and they don't provide any services useful for me, yet they kept the parcel and would not give it to me, its rightful owner, until I gave them 110 euros. You know what it should be called? Extortion.

Anyway, let's move on to the dress itself.

I ordered it on Saturday, November 14th. I received the stock confirmation on Monday and payed immediately. The dress was shipped on Wednesday, November 17th. It reached the customs bureau in Warsaw two days later. It took only two days to deliver the dress to another continent, but the customs bureau needed 5 days to release the parcel.

The dress was safely packed in paper, bubble wrap and a cardboard box.

The paper was decorated with a rose, a logo sticker and a ribbon.

I was given two copies of their catalogue and a hand-written thank you card.


The dress itself is absolutely gorgeous, as expected. It's more shiny than in the stock photos, as the fabric is satin-like. But it's not the visible, cheap kind of shiny. It actually looks really elegant. 

But it's the embroidered vest that stole my heart. The embroidery is far more gorgeous in real life than in the stock photos. It was one of the reasons I wanted this dress in the first place, and it exceeded my expectations.

There is one problem though. The zipper gets stuck where the vest starts, as the fabric is much thicker there. I have no problems zipping it when I hold the dress in my hands, but when I put it on? I spent half an hour fighting with it before I managed to zip it up yesterday. It's a pretty big problem and I'm not sure how to fix it. Right now I only hope that with time I'll figure out some way to zip it up that taken less than 30 minutes...


Agata said...

hmmmmmmmm a co powiesz na podpięcie agrafki i ciągniecie jej na sznurku? XD

crimson said...

@ Agata
To nie o to chodzi, że nie sięgam. Ten zamek się po prostu kompletnie zacina na dole kamizelki i za cholere nie chce przejść...

akumaxkami said...

That's a lovely dress. I do hope you sort out your zipper problem.

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