Friday, 19 November 2010

Dear hair, I hate you.

Does anyone have any suggestions how to curl your hair?

I tried everything, but to no avail.

That's as curly as it can get with hot rollers. Surprisingly, it stayed like this for a few hours. A new record, I guess. If only I knew how to make it stay curly for a whole day. Or better yet, how to actually make it really curly, not wavy.


akumaxkami said...

I use a curling iron for my hair. I pin up sections and curl the bottom half into spirals and then hairspray it stiff. Take some more hair down, curl that and spray it stiff. Once my whole head is curled, I give THAT another dusting of hairspray....

If I'm not in a rush that day or whatever, I might even put a curling serum in my hair before all that nonsense above, lol.

Don't feel too bad, my hair needs a lot to stay curled too. The secret is a heavy duty hairspray and lots of it!

Finding my style said...

I'd say, curling iron is the only way.
I have naturally wavy hair, and even I find it nearly impossible to style my hair into perfect curls.

Agata said...

Nie mam pojęcia jak, znasz moje kudły, ale ale ale to drugie zdjęcie jest boskie ;P Masz taką minę, jakbyś właśnie narzekała na te swoje śliczne kudełki XD

crimson said...

@ akumaxkami & Finding my style
Thanks for the suggestions :) Unfortunately, I find the curling iron to be the least useful...

@ Agata
Bo cały czas narzekam XD

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