Saturday, 20 November 2010

brand shop list

I decided to make a list of lolita brand shops that ship overseas as a sort of reference for myself, but maybe it'll be useful for others too.

Brands that ship overseas:

Antique beasT
* open only on certain days, usually announced with little notice

Baby the Stars Shine Bright
sub-brand: Alice and the Pirates

Innocent World

Juliette et Justine

Mary Magdalene


milky ange

Brand that have separate webshops for overseas customers:

Angelic Pretty


Multibrand webshops:

Asian Side
Brands: Innocent World, MAXICIMAM, metamorphose, Putumayo
* France-based

Black Alice
Brands: Angelic Pretty; Baby, the Stars Shine Bright; Innocent World; Putumayo
* Singapore-based

brands: MAXICIMAM, Moi-même-Moitié, Lumiebre

Harajuku Hearts
brands: Atelier-Pierrot, MAXICIMAM, metamorphose, Putumayo
* USA-based

Brands: Angelic Pretty; Baby, the Stars Shine Bright; HeartE; Innocent World; Metamorphose, MAXICIMAM; Moi-même-Moitié; Victorian Maiden
* Netherlands-based; I'm not sure if they're an official distributor of any of these brands or if their cooperation with these brands is permanent; these are just the brands that they have currently in stock

Brands: Angelic Pretty, MARBLE, Princess Doll, h.NAOTO
* Germany-based

Tokyo Rebel
Brands: Angelic Pretty, Atelier-Pierrot, Innocent World, Maxicimam, Putumayo, Victorian Maiden
* USA-based

XO Japan
Brands: Alice Garden, Atelier-Pierrot and brands sold through Atelier-Pierrot

Secondhand webshops:

Alice Fururun

Closet Child

Fairy Angel

Usagi Youhinten


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Thanks so much for posting this. Very helpful!

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@ akumaxkami
You're welcome!

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