Monday, 13 February 2012

Misako Aoki's tea party

Last Saturday I had an opportunity to go to a tea party sponsored by Misako Aoki. It was lovely to see so many well dressed people in one room! Most people wore sweet lolita, though there were a few classic lolitas, too. Almost everyone was dressed in light colours, like pink and off white and, of course, brown, since it's the colour of chocolate and the party was 2 days before Valentine's Day. I felt a little out of place in my black IW dress but at least I didn't wear Moitie! XD

We were served muffins and given Valentine-themed paper clips and Misako postcards.

Together with a Baby designer and Baby shop staff, Misako presented the brand's latest prints.

 Everyone could take a picture with Misako. She was really nice and took time to talk to everyone and signed whatever you asked her to sign. Because of that the line moved awfully slowly.

 After the party we took some more photos of each other, and some reporter took photos of us, too!

Gifts from Misako: a postcard which I asked her to sign, a plush heart paper clip, and a cake towel, which she gave out when you went to have your picture taken with her. 

All in all, it was an enjoyable event and I definitely want to go to her parties again .


Alexandriaweb said...

The paper clip is adorable :)

Lunatix Sy said...

Happy Valentine's Day!~ I hope you could swing by my blog to claim the blog award I'm passing on to you! Thank you!~

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