Saturday, 18 February 2012

HIZAKI & YUKI BirthDay Party

Yesterday I had the amazing opportunity to go to Versailles' fanclub event, organized to celebrate HIZAKI's and YUKI's birthdays.

Everyone could have a picture taken with the band. Here's mine:
I don't normally hide my face so I think a little explanation is needed. I want to keep this blog public, and I know that within minutes this photo might be all over tumblr. While I don't normally mind it when my pictures are reposted, this one is a little different. I don't want my face to be all over Versailles communities. Thank you for your understanding.

See the gifts they're holding? We know that they like alcohol, and every Polish reader of this blog will immediately know what kind of alcohol they received from me, right? XD And since Valentine's Day was only four days earlier, I thought that some chocolate would be appropriate, so everyone got some Wedel (Polish brand) chocolate from me.

About the party itself... Just a few bullet points.
* The members were dressed in their host club outfits from their latest pamphlet.
* We played bingo with Kamijo, Masashi and Teru calling the numbers while Yuki and Hizaki were changing. I didn't win anything.
* When H & Y came back, they were wearing yukatas. (Y had a male one, H had a pink feminine one.)
* They tried to make Teru drink his whole drink at once but he couldn't do it.
* The dinner was buffet style and I liked it a lot, especially the breaded shrimps.

And this is what I wore:
OP & headband: Alice and the Pirates
blouse & shoes: Innocent World
socks: BPN
cameo: re-style

One more picture taken in front of the venue after the party. Now here I covered my face simply because I didn't like the way it looked XD

A little detail of my outfit - the nails I made to match my dress.

When we were leaving, we could shake hands with the members, and Y and H were handing out souvenirs.


Orlaith said...

Bardzo mi się podoba jak malujesz żyrandole i inne wzory na paznokciach. Jakiego pędzelka używasz? Lubię wzorki ale nie mam czym ich malować, bo te pędzelki w lakierach do zdobień to jakaś parodia

akumaxkami said...

Those nails are just gorgeous!

crimson said...

@ Orlaith
Ciesze się, że się podoba :)

Używam własnie pędzelka z lakieru. Nie mam żadnych specjanych narzędzi. To tylko zwykły lakier do zdobień z Inglota.

@ akumaxkami
Thank you!

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