Sunday, 13 November 2011

Vampire Cafe

A friend I met at a Versailles-related event asked me to go shopping with her. The shopping trip was quite unsuccessful because we ended up not buying anything but at least we ended it in style! I booked a table at the Vampire Cafe in Ginza and we went there for dinner.

I have to say that Vampire Cafe is the most tacky cafe I've been to so far but it's also awesome in its own weird way. It was quite an experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Before we actually made it to our first stop on the shopping trip, we took some purikura. My friend is wearing my Angelic Pretty dress and my Bodyline bolero. 

The food was supposed to look spooky, I guess, but it ended up being cute and funny.

My friend's "Batman pasta". No, that's not the official name of this dish, but the bat-shaped decoration made us think of Batman.

My Devil's chicken steak.

A salmon and eggplant pizza we shared.

And our drinks. I don't remember the name of my friend's drink, but mine (on the right) was called Promise Moon.

When we were about to leave we asked a waitress if she could take a picture of us.

And then we took some more pictures outside the cafe.


Alexandriaweb said...

Haha wow I want to go to the Vampire Cafe!
Your outfits are rad too :)

akumaxkami said...

Beautiful outfits!

You know, I don't think I ever asked but why are you in Japan anyways?

Miss Eva Morgan Reeve said...

That pizza is adorable.

crimson said...

@ akumaxkami
Thank you!
I live here now. I got a job as a teacher.

akumaxkami said...

Oh nice! I'm hoping to get a job there teaching when I graduate from university. What kind of school do you teach at?

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