Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Shibuya 109

Finally I found some time to go shopping. I have almost no autumn-appropriate clothes (I mean style-wise) and it's already the end of October.

It felt a little weird to shop in gyaru shops at first but I'm getting used to it now. I might actually introduce more rock gal elements into my casual closet. Though, to be honest, only when I put on a frilly dress I feel like myself and I wish lolita was more practical for everyday wear. But because it's not, I need some casual gyaru elements :)

Shopping - the final result!

GLAD NEWS - a cardigan/dress with a skull print and studs.GLAD NEWS is on its way to becoming my favourite casual brand,

Rose Fan Fan - a really cute leo print cardi for only 3000 yen.

Durer - 2 things, both on sale.
I had my eyes on this one for a longer while. As someone raised in a catholic country I found this blasphemous print way too tempting ;P

I'm still not sure whether I should have bought it. I love the colour, the fabric is really soft and comfortable, it makes me look slim, and it's work-appropriate too, yet I'm not sure it's really me, and I don't think I like those bell-shaped sleeves. But I'll probably wear the hell out of it anyway. Sometimes the things I'm not sure about turn out to be my most often worn items.

Ingni - a wine red chiffon blouse. It matches my lolita clothes, and it's going to look great with casual outfits too. The best thing I bought today <3

I spent too much today, so probably no more shopping for me this month XD


Alexandriaweb said...

I love the colour of the last blouse

akumaxkami said...

Awesome stuff!

Anonymous said...

Zgadzam się z opiniami poprzedniczek-świetne ciuchy. Czerwona koszula też jest moją faworytką :)

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