Sunday, 16 October 2011

Halloween shopping

This is what I bought for my Halloween costume: a dress by Victorian Maiden (from Closet Child) and a shawl by Innocent World. After changing my mind 245 times I decided to go as Dracula's bride.

Something like this had never happened to me before. I wanted to buy a new outfit, I had enough money to do so, but no ideas whatsoever. Usually I have too many ideas and no money. This time every idea that crossed my mind seemed wrong and uninspired. Only when I saw this dress I thought, 'Maybe I found my inspiration'.

I'm going to wear it with this:

And today I went to Nippori to look for some tulle to make a veil. I think I'm going to use this headband as a base:

If you have any suggestions, do tell! I still don't know how to accessorize or what makeup and hair would be best.


Belladona said...

The costume will look lovely! i really love the Shawl! <3

akumaxkami said...

Great idea. Very lovely!

Ivy said...

You are so lucky that you find a beatiful costume that suits you.Have a happy halloween... it may be your last.Mwa-ha-ha!!... im kidding

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