Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Shopping in Shinjuku

I had a pretty good day today. I met up with a friend from Poland and we went to Shinjuku. I bought a pair of socks at Black Peace Now in Marui One. They were on -70% sale.

I actually wanted to go to Zeal Link to get Dir en grey's new album but there was an instore event with D=OUT going on, so I couldn't do any CD shopping there.

We went to Like an Edison instead and I bought my copy of DUM SPIRO SPERO there. And on the way there we stopped at Closet Child where I finally found what I was looking for! A simple black lolita skirt that I could wear with many different outfits. I really need some simple versatile items because my lolita closet lacks those.

I also bought a Moitie headband. It was quite expensive (4800 yen for a used headband!) but it matches the BPN socks so I thought I could wear them together.

Metamosphose skirt:

Moitie headband and BPN socks:

There is a tiny cross on the headband. I love those little details of Moitie items.

I basically bought an almost full outfit today, and I can wear it with the Baby blouse I got some days ago. Now I need an occasion to wear it!


akumaxkami said...

Ooh lovely items! Please post a photo when you put together a coordinate yes?

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