Saturday, 6 August 2011

I run because my dog makes me

Why such a title? I saw a guy wearing such a t-shirt on a train today and I thought it was funny XD

The last two days were a little strange. I went to Shibuya 109 twice, bought more than I should've, and even got a compliment on my dress from a shop staff. In other words: two complete days among gyarus, not lolitas.

I went back to Shibuya 109 today because I couldn't stop thinking about a dress I saw at GLAD NEWS yesterday. I finally gave in and bought it.
It's a strapless dress + T-shirt set. The elastic band of the dress is a little tight and not very comfortable but I don't care. Leopard print + a skull + Disney font; I just fell in love with this combination XD

I also bought a pair of shoes from Lagrace Mart. Not every shoe brand in Japan carries my size, but surprisingly LM does. I really wanted a pair of brown shoes to wear with the dress I bought yesterday, and this pair was on sale, so I couldn't say no :D And they're really comfortable, too!

And I bought a ticket for DaizyStripper's oneman in SHIBUYA-AX on August 21, which means that I have to be back in Japan by that date.


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