Friday, 5 August 2011

100th entry

I realised something while shopping at Shibuya 109 today. Gyaru is much easier than lolita. Easier to coordinate outfits and far less pricy.

This is the final result of today's shopping trip.

I like some gyaru clothes for casual days and I really wanted a maxi dress, one of those that are in style with gals nowadays. I found this cute black and white one on sale. I didn't really pay attention to the brands, but the tag says Secret Magic.

It has a lovely romantic feel to it and it's really comfortable. Also, I saw a very similar one in another shop and the sign over it said "New Arrival" so I suppose this style is still going to be in fashion next season XD

I wanted a shrug to wear over it but the one the shop assistant suggested was too expensive for me. In the end I bought this set from MILSQUR; and while I like the set as a whole, I mostly just wanted the shrug for the dress.

I also bought a belt at Grandedge.

I'd post the purikura I took today with a friend but I have no way of scanning it right now.


akumaxkami said...

You could take a photo of the purikura with your camera. Just make sure to keep the flash off and do it in natural lighting. ^_^

I love the maxi dress though....I need to get a few of those for school this year!

crimson said...

That's how I posted my previous puri a few entries back, but the quility wasn't too good. I think I'll ask at an Internet cafe.

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