Saturday, 8 January 2011

Restyle review - negative

I ordered a Demonia bag from Restyle webshop. It was on sale, I paid 150 zł. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift for myself.
This is what the bag was supposed to look like:

This is what it really looks like:

The bag is made of awful thick rubber. It does say on the website that it's made of rubber but to be honest, it didn't really tell me much. A skirt made of cotton can be of a very good or very bad quality, depending on what cotton was used. So I did not really understand what this "rubber" would feel like when touched. In the picture it looked good enough.

The whole surface of the bag was scratched. On the website it was described as "very sturdy and solid, not losing its shape". But it was really floppy instead and not sturdy at all.

As you can see, in reality it looks nothing like on the website. But the worst thing was the smell. The bag stinks. I took it out of the envelope it was sent in, looked at it, snapped those photos you can see above and I had to put it back because I couldn't take the awful smell. 

The bag was sent to me in a large bubble envelope. I can't find it on their website now (perhaps they deleted it?) but I am positive that there were pictures of the packaging they use to mail goods and it clearly said that goods are mailed in cardboard boxes. I got nothing of that sort, just an envelope.

Of course I returned the bag and got my money back without any problems. However, I did not receive any apology. Not even anything standard like "sorry we couldn't meet your expectations" or something along these lines that most shops send in such situations.

I understand that Restyle is not responsible for the quality of the bag because they did not produce it. Demonia did. However, I believe that Restyle should be responsible for the images they post on their own website. And the bat bag photo you can see there is either a photo of a completely different item from the one I received, or it was photoshopped to hell and back.

Will I buy from Restyle again? Doubtful. There are a few other items I want. They are not produced by Demonia so theoretically it should be safe. But how can I be sure that the photos on their website show the actual items? And even if they do, maybe they are just as photoshopped as the one that tricked me into buying the bat bag.

SHIPPING: neutral (it was prompt but it wasn't shipped the way it was supposed to be)
COMMUNICATION: neutral (prompt, no big problems, no apology)
QUALITY: negative (floppy, smelly, scratched etc)


Elluin said...

Strasznie to wygląda! w ogóle kształt na firmowym zdjęciu jest całkiem inny. Buty z Demonii są w porządku, ale widocznie torby nie są ich mocną stroną.
Nigdy nie kupowałam nic z restyle, właściwie to na biżuterię chyba mogłabym się skusić, ale większość i tak można znaleźć na eBayu, o wiele taniej...

akumaxkami said...

Well that's really unfortunate. It could have been such a cute bag too.

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