Sunday, 9 January 2011

2011 lolita trends?

This is what I think lolita fashion of 2011 will look like.

1. Mori girl and dolly kei influences.

In the last two years or so mori girl became huge. This fashion tribe seems to be influencing every other style, including lolita and gyaru. Last summer season mori-gyaru combination was a big hit. In lolita we don't have such a clear idea of "seasons" and sometimes it's hard to tell when a given trend becomes in, and when it's already outdated. But the mori trend is definitely there, no matter when it started or who started it.

If you just take a look at the daily_lolita community on livejournal where lolitas from all over the world post their daily outfits, you'll see how many people are inspired by mori girl fashion. Some of the girls who call their outfits "mori" wear outfits that could easily be labeled "classic". They choose florals, brown, add a bit of fur, but otherwise their outfits remain classic lolita and don't really need the additional label of mori.

Other girls, however, go a little further. They coordinate lolita pieces with actual mori pieces and layer their clothes the way many mori girls do. This girl is a perfect example of such a mori-loli mix.

(photo taken from her daily_lolita post)

Dolly kei, having a more defined silhouette than mori girl, seems easier to combine with lolita which is all about the right silhouette. In the aforementioned post you can see also an example of such a mix. 

2. Unconventional accessories. 

By unconventional I mean items which you would normally associate with everyday clothes, not lolita.

Rumpled boots like these:

(images from

Or wide belts, possibly with big buckles.
(random images courtesy of google)

3. Classic boom

Classic being the more sophisticated form of lolita should be getting more and more popular with the girls who are growing out of the OTT styles yet are not willing to leave lolita for good. 
The classic boom also seems to be a logical result of the previous two points. Lolita mixed with mori or dolly tends to resemble classic more than sweet or gothic. Unconventional items also seem to work best with classic coordinates. After all, it's classic brands that used to release such items as pencil skirts.

(Victorian Maiden)

So this is what I think lolita is going to look like this year! Hopefully it will be getting more and more creative.


SkyBluePink said...

I think you're right! It's going to be interesting to see how the style develops.

akumaxkami said...

Well I'm going to stick with my traditional Gothic mostly but I am interested in Classic as well and I'll look forward to getting lots of style ideas from all the mori girl and classic lolita looks cropping up.

DuskRose_Dreaming said...

I'll be sticking with gothic too, but I'm looking forward to seeing more classic and incorporating into my own coords sometimes.
And wow, I actually kind of like that pencil skirt (which is saying something for me).

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