Tuesday, 21 December 2010

recent shopping

Despite the Christmas season I haven't been shopping much recently. I only got a few new things and, to be honest, some of them I got from my family as early Christmas gifts.
In general I'm disappointed with this season's trends.
Let's see...
- cardigans decorated with beads and sequins
- angora wool sweaters
- leopard print
- asymmetric, one-sleeved tops
- synthetic fabrics
- intensive colours (royal blue, dark red etc)

What's wrong with all of the above? Absolutely nothing. Except for the fact that my grandparents used to import such clothes from Turkey in the '90s. The cheapest, the most kitschy clothes you could get. I though these things would never come back. But they did, and they didn't even change much. Even crushed velvet is back. And THAT is the greatest sin against fashion in history. This fabric should be burnt and sent to Siberia. WHY is it trendy again?!

Needless to say, I have problems finding clothes which I like this season. I couldn't find anything for my mum either, so I ended up getting her a H&M gift card.

However, I needed a couple of longer tops because my current body shape doesn't allow wearing shorter of tight ones. So I bought these two:

They're from New Yorker.

Also, I couldn't stop myself from getting these two completely useless pieces:
This furry thing was bought in J&M, a local shop. It's completely useless, especially now because it's too thick to be worn under a coat but it isn't thick enough to replace it.

Now this is an adorable cardigan from MOHITO. The thing is, I already have enough cardis including 2 black and white ones.

Some other things I bought:

Black leg warmers found in a local shop.

Two pairs of tights from KappAhl. The last pairs in my size. It was a "buy one, get one 50% off" deal.

I ordered this one from Restyle.pl online shop. I'm rather disappointed with the quality but I guess you can't really expect more for 25 zloty. It looks nice enough though. I have a high collar blouse that this brooch looks great with.

I probably won't be going shopping any time soon so these things I bought have to satisfy my shopping urges for a while ;)


akumaxkami said...

Your brooch is cute!

I quite like a lot of the trends here right now. That Victorian and elegant stuff is in and there's 1800's inspired jewelry everywhere. I got a birdcage necklace at Walmart yesterday for $5. What a steal!

crimson said...

@ akumaxkami
Lucky! :) Unfortunately I don't see any Victorian and elegant stuff in my local shops. All I see is '80s and '90s inspired stuff that I wish would just disappear.

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