Thursday, 9 December 2010

Photo shoot - part 2

Do you mind a little photo spam? I just got more photos from my lovely photographer (<3) and some of them are even better than the ones she showed me before!

Dirty headbow XD It must've fallen to the floor but how and when? I have no idea. I only noticed it when I saw the pictures.

Peeking petticoat... I just can't ever look good, can I? This photo was taken after a series of sitting ones, so I suppose it somehow moved as I was standing up.

That's actually my make-up bag. It was a random decision to use it. It doesn't look right next to the floral dress and yet... it does. I think I quite like the clashing patterns.

The last two are best served together.


DuskRose_Dreaming said...

You're right, these are even more gorgeous than the last ones! I'll have to make some photographer friends, haha.
I ~*love*~ that headdress with the rose--well, both of them. ^^

focusing the lens said...

Photospam is always fun!

I think the second and eighth are the best shots overall, but I love the seventh as well!

HSP said...

Gorgeous! I quite like your choice in clothing XD Looks like you had fun with the shoot!

crimson said...

Thanks for all the comments! ^^

akumaxkami said...

Very stunning! You photograph so well that I'm jealous!

SkyBluePink said...

I looove the third image, with the parasol<3<3

Agata said...

I don't mind ;P wonderful!

crimson said...

Thanks, everyone!

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