Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Random picture spam

I was looking through some old pictures on my laptop and I thought I could post a few.

This one is from a last year's lolita meetup in Gdańsk, Poland.

It's a silly off shot picture but I like the feel it has.

Next is Kazimierz, an old Jeweish district in Krakow.

Again, Kazimierz. Beauty in filth, literally.

Krakow and its silly ideas. Last year's Dachshunds' March. Yes, they organise parades of dachshunds in costumes XD

In my first, and back then only, lolita dress.

And that's it for now!


Anonymous said...

Jej, jak świetnie wyglądacie na tej pierwszej fotce, jest idealna :) pieski są ekstra xD

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