Sunday, 5 June 2011

make up

I was excited to find out that Inglot has a new line of cracked nail polishes called "Crazy Nails", and I just had to buy the black one. I also bought a silver polish to peek from the cracks. I won't show you what it looks like on my nails, cause they're really short now and I don't like it XD

These are the colours available:

Apparently they've been available for sale for a while but my local Inglot has only recently started carrying them.

If anyone ever had any doubts about what makeup brand I usually use, here is a proof XD

Not really my favourite brand, but the best one I can afford to use on a daily basis. 

On the topic of makeup - this is what it looked like today:


Elluin said...

I love Inglot too! Especially eye shadows.

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