Friday, 20 May 2011

Recent shopping

When visiting my family in Silesia I went shopping, looking for things I haven't seen in my city. I found this accessory shop called Glitter which we don't have here. I bought a pair of ribbon-trimmed ankle socks, rose-patterned tights, a rose shaped mirror and a necklace.

I also went H&M because my local one doesn't have a makeup department.
Aaaand I got a new mobile phone! Finally! I chose Samsung Diva. It's nothing fancy, it doesn't have one billion functions, but let's be honest. Even if it did, I wouldn't use them anyway. I need a phone to make phone calls, send texts, take photos and send picture messages. And it has to take as little space in my purse as possible. Diva does all that and it's small and pretty.

Then on our way home we had to stop in Łódź cause my mum had to buy merchandise for her shop from their wholesalers. I used that chance to get a few things for myself.


akumaxkami said...

Lovely stuff!

Anonymous said...

I love the owl! *__*

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