Saturday, 19 March 2011

Sweet lolita set for auction to help Japan

I made a sweet lolita skirt and headbow set which I am going to sell at the help_japan lj community.

The set is brand new, made to sell. I only tried it on to take a picture to show you what it looks like worn.
The set consists of a skirt with a detachable belt, a headbow and a brooch. The blouse is not included.

The clean and simple design makes it a great basic sweet lolita item.

The starting bid is 60 USD.

Full set:



length: 58 cm (including waistband and lace)
waist: 65 cm - 100 cm

Pink / Lavender (it's somewhere in between)

skirt: stretch cotton
lining: viscose
lace: cotton

Link to the auction: here


The Fool said...

Wow... That's is really beautiful and well made! =D Good luck with selling it!

crimson said...

@ The Fool
Thank you!

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