Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Outfit post - Black Swan

I went to see Black Swan today. My mind is still blown away so this entry may not make much sense.
Here's my outfit from today's outing.

JSK: Innocent World
everything else: local shops

I meant to dress lolita, the result was sort of... dolly keiish? I can't say it's dolly kei inspired because I wasn't really consciously inspired. I just dresses up in the morning and hoped for the best (paraphrasing Daphne Guinness).

To be honest I was out of ideas when it comes to this dress. I hope I at least managed to make it look unique.

When I got back home I tried out the Black Swan makeup from the last act (and from the film posters).


Agata Włodarczyk said...

hmmmmmmm.... wiesz, jak oglądałam jedno z tych zdjęć na fcbk to zachciałam sama się pobawić, ale niestety brak mi... kolorów... XD

crimson said...

@ Agata
Ale tu nie ma innych kolorów oprócz czerni i bieli.

Agata Włodarczyk said...

No właśnie ;P

Piperita Patty said...

You're really good with make up!

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