Wednesday, 9 February 2011

My favourite models

I've wanted to write this post for a while. A short list of my favourite models, with runway, editorial and backstage pictures from all over the Internet.

Models in this post:
My personal top three: Anja Rubik, Sasha Pivovarova and Aymeline Valade.
A bonus: Nonoka Iwata, a gyaru model. I can't really compare her to editorial models but she deserves a mention either way.

This post is very image heavy. Be warned.

1. Anja Rubik

Why I like her:
- There is no model more natural in photoshoots than her.
- She is 100% professional.
- Her beauty is unusual and unique.
- I love her body type. She's skinny, probably skinnier and bonier than some other models.
- She's Polish.

Anja on the runway:

Anja backstage:

Anja in photoshoots:

2. Sasha Pivovarova

Why I like her:
- She's a lovely, girly girl.
- She smiles!
- Models often look so serious in backstage photos but Sasha usually looks happy. She seems like such a fun person.
- She looks hot dressed as John Galliano.

Sasha on the runway:

Sasha backstage:

Sasha in photoshoots:

3. Aymeline Valade

Why I like her:
- Her beauty is unique.
- She makes a hot guy.
- And she's equally hot as a woman.
- She has a gorgeous body and beautiful dark hair.
- She's a new face and deserves more recognition.

Aymeline on the runway:

Aymeline in photoshoots:

Special mention - Nonoka Iwata

Why I like her:
- I love her personal style. It's really inspirational.
- She mixes two styles which for many seem impossible to mix: gothic and gyaru.
- She's different from other gyaru models.
- She's a really pretty girl.

Nonoka in magazines:

Nonoka on her blog:


Agata Włodarczyk said...

A mnie się Rubik nie podoba.
Na wielu poziomach O.o

crimson said...

Bluźnisz, Anin. Bluźnisz.

Agata Włodarczyk said...

ej, mam prawo do swojego gustu!
Jej twarz mi się wyjątkowo nie podoba O.o Choć przyznaję, że do pewnych ujęć jest idealna, to nadal całokształtem jej nie lubię ;3

crimson said...

Twarz ma specyficzną, ale w końcu jest modelką a nie kadydatką na miss :)

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